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The Test Facility

All Project: PUTT! experiments are to be conducted within the constraints expressed in the experiment documentation provided. 
This will provide for a greater variety of simulated risks with a minimum of legal and moral exposure. 
Experiments performed outside of their enclosures will be invalidated, and any findings rendered apocryphal.

But is it really anything other than minigolf entertainment you may ask? It is theorized as such, but the results are pending peer review. If only we could find scientists mad enough to verify our findings...

Miniature Golf Balls

Your Tools

By setting the Negative Reinforcement Motivator Unit to "Provocation" and using only a slight amount of exertion, our test subjects can reliably create motivation and subsequent motion in the Spherical Proxy.

The Course

Each enclosure is closely monitored via  audio, visual, olfactory, and various extra-sensory surveillance systems, and reviewed by the appropriate specialists. Please speak with an attendant if you experience any spatial and temporal displacement.

The Challenge

The R.E.A.L.M.S. Institute has charged Project: PUTT! with redefining humanity's often-tumultuous relationship with physics. When science knocks, will you invite it in for a snack?

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