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Frequently Asked Questions

What in TARNATION is this place!?

Project: PUTT! is a mind boggling 12-hole course of insane putting challenges, brought to you by the the R.E.A.LM.S. Institute for Questionable Science!

Traversing the facility, you will experience many bizarre obstacles that must be overcome by using your Negative Reinforcement Device (nicknamed "PUTTER" for your convenience) to deliver your Spherical Personality Matrix Module (nicknamed "BALL" for your convenience) into the Computational Divot Nexus (nicknamed "CUP" for your convenience).


Awe childwen awwowed inside?

Absolutely! We recommend test subjects who are 8 and up, since our more difficult challenges require a little extra skill and patience. And for safety, anyone 12 and under will need an adult test subject to accompany them through the facility.

I have mobility challenges, dearie.
Can I still be a test subject?

Darn tootin' you can! The Project: PUTT! facility is ADA accessible, and we welcome visitors of all mobility levels.

At present, some of our challenges have vertical or unusual elements which may require partially assisted play from those in wheelchairs or who have significant mobility limitations,  but we are happy to take extra steps to facilitate the best experience possible. Feel free to reach out below for more info!

Is it s-s-scary?

We certainly have some surprises in store for our test subjects, and we use a variety of special effects like loud music, fog, and lasers, but they are there to make science exciting, not terrifying!

If you are pregnant, neurodiverse, have heart conditions, asthma, epilepsy, panic attacks, vertigo, or any general physical or cognitive conditions that might be affected by this high-sensory atmosphere, please use caution and discretion before considering entry. We also invite you to reach out below for more information.


Do you serve alcohol?

We only sell cold, non-alcoholic beverages in our lobby. But if you're looking to get a little tipsy, we invite you to use the high-velocity starfield vortex on site! It's a real doozy!

Beverages can be enjoyed in our lobby, but gum and food cannot be consumed here. There is also no smoking or vaping. If you brought any of the aforementioned items with you, please stow them in our lockers or your bag.

Right now, just one! Our facility was hand-built by local mad scientists and artists to create a one-of-a-kind putting experiment. There may be other fancy, high-tech putting places in the area, but they's not operated by us.

Hey...How many of your facilities are out here?

Do you still have questions?


61 Exchange Street, Malden, MA 02148



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